Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eternal Destinies?

I was just looking for a clarification on how the assignment of eternal destinies works. Clearly we know more than most about eternity, sports, and destinies. But what does "we make the call" really mean? Do we decide by committee? Or does the nomination of one member determine destinies? Is there a causal relationship between our selections and the afterlife or are we just documenting what is already the case?


Jeff BBz said...

Good Questions, Jim. I would say that we are mostly documenting what is or will be the case. While our knowledge for sports, destinies, eternity, and good times knows almost no bounds, I'm not sure we are ready to make the claim to Deityhoodedness.

However, this is a point that is also up for debate, so if we want to take a more active role in destinies of sports greats then we can perhaps move in that direction. Additionally if any of the deities in any of the realms of the beyond choose to consult us on matters, then that is of course fine and also we can post about it here if we choose.

As it stands for now though, the idea is making the call is basically documenting and clarifying. Similarly to making the call on the TV, while the viewer chooses what they know or think they know to be the correct call in the play demonstrated, the play has already been carried out and a call already decided, not related in anyway to the knowledge of the viewer. We're just following the will of the big Ref upstairs.

Finally, as for committee decisions, I think that all calls are up for debate. In fact, I am hoping that rather than just stating an name and asking what we think, that we provide good information, stats, facts, rumors, and theories as to where the great is headed, what they will be doing, and why. Following this, the other EDSG staff will weigh in with their support or counter arguments or suggestions of different destinies. Of course, however, suggesting people from time to time and posting in different manners is important as we don't want to get stuck in formula and get boring.

I hope that answers your questions, and additionally, I felt your post on Mugsy Bogues to be quite nice.

Jeff BBz said...

One more thing. I wanted to add that we also have many more eternal destinies that just plain ol' heaven and hell. So you can feel free to include some interesting and creative afterlives for the greats.