Saturday, May 26, 2007

Try this one

When you want to talk about eternal destinies, here's a guy for you: Mugsy Bogues. Now get a load of this guy. What a kind young gentleman.

1) He's an officer and a gentleman.
2) He's a hard worker.
3) He played for the Hornets.

He's clearly gettin' in to H-town (you guys know which one I mean, oh yeah!). Constrained by a diminutive frame of five feet and three inches, he was still able to effect the Lord's purposes of cool passes and calling out the plays. Sometimes 3bombs as well. What a hard worker. So what's the call, guys? In or out?


barrymockies said...

i say in.

Jeff BBz said...

oh yeah. totally in.

Matt said...

I met him once, got his autograph on his rookie card and traded it to Kerry Delaney for Shawn Kemp and a blowgun.