Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brooks Robinson? Heavenbound.

Brooks Robinson is in a Heavenbound crew (and you can be, too). Here's why:
  • 15-time All-Star
  • 16-time Gold Glove Winner
  • 1964 MVP
  • World Series MVP 1970
  • Two World Series rings
  • Elected to the Hall on the first ballot with 91.98% of the votes
  • His birthday was last week
  • Has a dog named Tex McGraw
  • Likes Box Tops for Education
  • Hates car insurance
  • Once ate his weight in peeled grapes
The man was known as "The Human Vacuum Cleaner," and was easily the best Third Baseman to ever grace the position. Also, he won some award for being an all around good guy, from the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation -- possibly the all-time awesomest youth foundation to roll off the tongue. Say it out loud. Really.

Yeah, he's definitely in heaven.

p.s. Some of those facts were made up. Four in fact. But still, they might be true, and that's what you should focus on.

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